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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How Swift predictions help to speed up my store?

Swift calculates the likelihood a user will visit a given next page or set of pages and preload the content while the user is still viewing their current page. So when user navigate, next page loads almost instantly and as a result, user will feel happier. This will lead to decrease in bounce rate and increase in conversion rate.
In some tests, stores with smart preloading could load 4s faster then stores without smart preloading.

2. How Swift use my Google Analytics data?

Swift consumes a report from Google Analytics to build a predictive model that can be used to smartly prefetch only what the user is likely to need. With the availability of this data, an engine could insert <link rel="[preload]"> tags to speed up the load time for the next page request.

3. Does the prediction evolve as navigation changes?

We will update Google Analytics data weekly so that if particular navigation paths change, the predictions can stay up to date too.

4. What will happen to my Google Analytics permission if I uninstall the app?

Swift will automatically remove your Google Analytics data and permission if you uninstall the app.